Trick to Get More Likes, Followers and Fans in FACEBOOK,TWITTER,INSTAGRAM,G+ and All Social networking sites

Hi Today i am going to share a trick to get more likes and followers and fans in any social networking sites like facebook , twitter , Instagram,google plus ,youtube ..etc now lets see how to get more likes on social networking sites


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  • You can choose countries you want to get likes and followers
  • Genuine Likes
  • Easy to Earn Points (You can get points by liking/sharing/following others i will explain below with screenshots )
  • Daily bonus 300 free points after 50 clicks


If you are using phone You Must Use CHROME browser or Default internet browser Uc/opera Browser is not supported Click here to install Chrome browser for android

First you need to sign up by click this link http://addmf.co/?VDF55LG

GO to http://addmf.co/?VDF55LG then Create New account by clicking register

enter your email adress and set password for this site then complete that captcha

You need to open your email inbox to comfirm registration

open that link to verify email adress

Then login by entering email and password

press agree terms and conditions

Now you need to add link to get like/share/followers
so press add site/page

Choose what you want you can choose anything from that list if you want facebook page like choose facebook likes if you want facebook followers choose facebook followers .. now im going to choose facebook post likes

Then choose the countries you want get likes or just choose worldwide

copy post link

paste it there

now you need to set cpc (how much points you want give per like) you can choose any amount from 2 to 10 , if you choose low cpc you need to wait more time to get likes so choose medium cpc i preffer 6 or 7

as you can see i set my cpc 10 (max) so i already got 2 likes within seconds so if you want get likes fast set max cpc

Now you need to get more points to get more likes you can earn more points easily i will explain that

learn how earn points in addmefast

    click free points to earn more points

    Earn points by liking/sharing/following others

    i selected facebook likes you can choose fb follow ,fb post share or twitter or anything .. then press like button to open his page

    like his page then wait few seconds then close tab dont close the tab too quickly you dont get points if you close the tab quickly .. if you are using mobile press back button you must go back to get points

    see i got 8 points from liking his page ..

    Repeat the process to get more points if you see no more items in this network dont worry just reload the page .. sometimes you need to reload the page after completing task

    You can get 300 points free after 50 clicks after completing 50 clicks click daily bonus

    Video tutorial